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Vivecast are added sporadically as “FJ” feels the groove.  Music you can drive, chill, and train with.  House music, popular favorites, and remixes.

If you want to subscribe and download the ViVecast, hit the “subscribe” link below.  This will link directly to your iTunes library and is completely free.

Reminder:  Recent ViVecast take time to be processed by iTunes before you are able to download them.  Make sure you log into the  iTunes store from time to time.  This will help up-date your ViVecast in a more timely fashion. 

Not all music will be downloadable. 




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ViVecast is back up and running! If you have any questions, email us. Musical request can be posted on our Facebook wall or emailed to us as well. “FJ” puts a lot of time into the tunes and donations are a nice “thank you.” Enjoy!